dreams and visions of the soul

Released: 30 November 2018

dreams and visions of the soul is a symphony of feelings, emotions and ideas. Sink into your chair as Future Bliss takes your mind on an escape of electronic impulses.


Released: 15 February 2016

Reach is a piece of music composed to some stunning visuals by Rowan While. Not to mention the incredible Cathleen Voysey in front of the camera! Watch Video

Amber Noel - Let Go

Released: 13 October 2014

Amber Bonham takes a break from her EDM scene to bring you something that ties directly to her roots; jazz.

Only Time Can Tell - Spoken Word by Arowstarh

Released: 15 August 2014

Here’s something amazing that I’ve been working on with Arowstarh, it’s called ‘Only Time Can Tell’. It's available to Download free on Bandcamp.


Released: 26 June 2014

Vice is something a little weirder than usual, but I'm really exploring my musical vocabulary and enjoying every moment.

Priorities - Spoken Word by Arowstarh

Released: 18 January 2014

Here's some amazing spoken word from Arowstarh and myself. Kieran wrote the insightful lyrics, I wrote the music, here's the track.

Innocence - EP

Released: 8 September 2013

Future Bliss is a new side project from Elliot Davies (aka StateOfFluxx), veering from his Drum & Bass roots, he has created something so melodious and meticulous in the form of his first EP, Innocence.